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Protect Your Englewood Home or Business with the Right Insurance Coverage

Protecting your investment is a top priority as a business owner or homeowner. That's why having the right insurance policy in place is so important. Here's where Gulfstream Insurance Agency Homeowners and Small Business Insurance can help. Gulfstream Insurance Agency provides coverage for homes, businesses, and other property owners in the Englewood area. We understand no two businesses or homes are alike, so our policies are tailored to meet your unique needs.


Homeowners Insurance

Homeowners insurance covers your home and personal belongings in the event of damage or theft. Most standard policies cover things like fire, wind damage, and vandalism, but there may be additional riders or add-ons that you can purchase to extend your coverage. These include:

  • Replacement Costs: Replacement costs provide coverage if your home is destroyed and will pay out enough money to rebuild it.

  • Liability Coverage: If someone is injured on your property, liability coverage covers medical bills and legal fees up to a certain amount. Additionally, this type of insurance also covers lawsuits related to personal injury or property damage that you cause.

  • Living Expenses: If your home is damaged and you need to find temporary housing while it's being repaired, living expenses coverage can pay for hotel costs and other related expenses.

  • Additional Living Expense Coverage: Also known as ALE, this policy covers the cost of replacing property or items that have been destroyed in the event of a natural disaster or other accident.

  • Personal Possessions Loss: Our personal possessions loss coverage includes the cost of replacing personal items that have been damaged or stolen, such as furniture and electronics.

  • Floaters Policy: We offer floaters policies covering expensive items such as jewelry or artwork. Our team can customize a floaters policy to fit your needs.

  • Umbrella Insurance: Umbrella insurance offers additional coverage beyond your homeowner's policy. It includes liability protection if you are sued for an amount exceeding your standard policy's limits.


Small Business Insurance

Small business insurance is vital for any business owner because it helps protect your business from financial losses like property damage, liability claims, and theft. Many types of small business insurance policies are available, so you must speak with an agent to determine the right coverages for your business. Our small business insurance includes the following:

  • Property Insurance: This covers physical property damage caused by fire, theft, or weather events. Our team may help you find the right coverage and limits for your property, including buildings, equipment, inventory, and more.

  • Liability Insurance: This covers any claims against your business due to bodily injury or property damage caused by you or an employee. We can provide general liability insurance and product liability insurance if needed.

  • Errors and Omissions: This covers any mistakes you make while providing services, such as incorrect advice or improper contracts. Our insurance experts can help you find the right coverage for your business.

  • Business Interruption: This covers any losses due to an interruption in business operations, such as a natural disaster or power outage. We offer comprehensive policies that cover additional costs like payroll and rent while rebuilding.

  • Workers Compensation: Our team can help you find coverage for medical expenses or lost employee wages due to a workplace injury. Our experienced agents will examine your business and provide the proper coverage to protect your assets.

  • Cyber Liability Insurance: This covers any losses from a cyber attack, such as stolen data or confidential information. We can help you identify the risks associated with cybercrime and provide tailored coverage based on your business’s needs.


Why Choose Gulfstream Insurance Agency for Your Home Business Insurance?

At Gulfstream Insurance Agency, we understand that no two businesses are alike, and that’s why our home business insurance policies are tailored to meet the unique needs of your small business. We offer:

  • Comprehensive Coverage: Our home business insurance policies provide comprehensive coverage of your property and liability risks, including those specific to running a business out of the home.

  • Flexible Limits: We understand that your needs may change over time, so our home business insurance policies offer flexible limits to give you peace of mind should something unforeseen happen.

  • Low Premiums: Our competitive rates make it easy to get the coverage you need for your home business without breaking the bank.

  • Specialized Products and Services: We offer specialized products such as cyber liability insurance, data breach coverage, and critical man insurance to help protect your business from unforeseen risks.

  • Expert Advice: Our knowledgeable staff provides personalized advice to ensure you get the most up-to-date coverage for your home business.


At Gulfstream Insurance Agency in Englewood, we take care of our customers and offer reliable protection so that you can focus on what matters most: running your business. With us, you can rest assured that your home or business is covered should something unexpected happen.

Contact Gulfstream Insurance Agency for more information and to get started on tailored homeowners or business insurance policy today!


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