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Request a Free Boca Grande Property, Casualty, and Flood Insurance Quote 

Protect Your Boca Grande Home with the Right Property, Casualty, and Flood Insurance Coverage

Boca Grande is a  coastal city in Florida that is vulnerable to floods, hurricanes, and tropical storms. This makes it essential to have the right insurance coverage against these natural disasters. Gulfstream Insurance Agency provides property, casualty, and flood insurance for homeowners in Boca Grande. Our team of knowledgeable agents provides tailored solutions that fit your specific needs.

What Does Our Property Insurance  Cover?

At Gulfstream Insurance Agency, we offer property insurance that covers many potential risks to your home or business. Our policies provide coverage for the following:

  • Property Damage: Floods may cause property damage to your home or business, such as structural damage and the destruction of personal belongings. Our policies can provide coverage for physical property damage caused by floods up to the limits specified in the policy.

  • Lost Income: Lost income is another potential consequence of a flood that Gulfstream Insurance Agency's insurance can help protect against. Our policies can provide coverage for any lost income due to flooding up to the limits specified in the policy.

  • Additional Living Expenses: Floods may cause you and your family to have to relocate temporarily. Our team can provide coverage for additional living expenses due to a flood, such as relocation costs, up to the limits specified in the policy.

  • Liability Protection: Gulfstream Insurance Agency’s property insurance can also provide liability protection for homeowners and business owners. Our policies can cover legal fees associated with any lawsuits that arise due to property damage or bodily harm caused by your property. Liability protection will also cover the medical expenses of anyone injured on the insured’s property.

  • Damage to Detached and Moveable Structures: Gulfstream Insurance Agency’s property insurance can also cover damage to detached structures on your property, such as a garage or shed. Your policy can also include coverage for moveable items like furniture, statues, and artwork damaged from a covered event.


Casualty Insurance: What It Covers

Casualty insurance is a form of property and casualty insurance that provides financial protection for businesses, homes, and property against losses caused by accidents or other unexpected events. We offer:

  • Fire Damage: Fire damage insurance covers the repair costs of any physical damage and destruction to a property caused by a fire and replacement costs for furniture, electronics, and other items destroyed in the fire.

  • Home Insurance: Our team can help you find the best home insurance policy. Homeowners' insurance covers expenses associated with damages caused by events such as fire, theft, smoke, hail, and more. We offer several different levels of coverage to meet your needs.

  • Liability Insurance: Liability insurance is designed to protect businesses and individuals from financial losses due to the actions of another person or entity. It will cover medical expenses, court costs, legal fees, and any damages awarded in a lawsuit.

Flood Insurance Policy: What Do We Offer

Floods are a common and costly natural disaster. Protecting your property against flooding is essential to ensure you are prepared for a flood. At Gulfstream Insurance Agency, we offer comprehensive flood insurance coverage for businesses and homeowners.

  • Structural Damage: Our flood insurance policies cover repairing and replacing damaged structures, such as walls, ceilings, floors, foundations, or other permanent fixtures.

  • Personal Property: We also provide coverage for lost or damaged personal belongings due to flooding. This includes furniture and clothing, as well as electronics and appliances.

  • Additional Living Expenses: Should your home become unlivable due to flooding, we provide reimbursement for reasonable additional living expenses. This includes costs associated with temporary accommodation, such as hotel stays and food.

  • Increased Cost of Compliance: Many areas require property owners to take specific measures to prevent future flooding damage. We cover the costs of these compliance measures, such as installing flood barriers or elevating your property.

Why Should You Choose Gulfstream Insurance Agency for Your Flood Insurance?

Gulfstream Insurance Agency is an independent insurance agency that offers specialized policies to help protect against the financial impacts of flood damage. With access to numerous top-rated carriers, Gulfstream Insurance Agency can provide customers with the following:

  • Flexible Coverage: We provide various coverage options to ensure that your flood insurance policy meets your specific needs and budget. We specialize in finding the best policy for you and can tailor your coverage to include more than just property damage.

  • Affordable Pricing: Our independent agents work with top-tier carriers to get the most competitive prices on personal or commercial flood insurance policies. We strive to provide our clients with the best value for their coverage so they can be prepared in a flood emergency.

  • Dedicated Support: Our agents help you throughout your policy purchase and beyond. You'll have access to claims adjusters who will work with you to assess and file any claims due to a flood. Plus, you'll have a knowledgeable team to answer any questions you may have throughout the life of your policy.

  • Claims and Repairs: In the event of a flood, our agents can help you file and process your claim quickly. We'll work with qualified repair companies to restore your property and get you back on track as soon as possible.

Gulfstream Insurance Agency in Boca Grande is dedicated to helping individuals and businesses prepare for a flood. Our experienced agents will work with you to find the best coverage for your needs at an affordable rate.


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